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Our heritage is the bedrock on which our organization has been built.

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Our Approach

We help our businesses operate at a higher level. The management teams run their businesses, while we provide strategic guidance, human resources, and capital to accelerate growth. Over four decades of building companies in 48 industries, we have experienced numerous business cycles and unique business situations. Our process-driven approach is based upon a close working relationship with management, which has driven superior results.

Long-term View

Lasting improvements do not occur overnight; they emerge from the consistent execution of a long-term, strategic vision. We are not driven by quarter to quarter results. We seek fundamental improvements that produce lasting value. We also understand that there are cycles to businesses and that times can get tough. Yet, regardless of how challenging the business environment, if there is an opportunity to improve the company we will make the investments to support and grow the business.

How Our Team Operates

Our organization is built around teamwork. There are three departments within Harbour Group, each with distinct skills and experience to help our companies grow. Our internal teams work together with the management team to help achieve the company’s strategic objectives. Although our focus is long term, we work with a sense of urgency to realize near-term objectives.


Nearly two-thirds of our professionals are senior operations executives with an average of nearly 25 years of experience. Our team includes Fortune 500 executives, former CEO’s, and seasoned functional experts who help plan and execute strategic projects with our companies.

Importantly, all members of our operations team are full-time Harbour Group employees, exclusively dedicated to the success of our businesses.


A dedicated acquisitions team reviews new platform opportunities and serves as the corporate development arm of the companies we own. Since 1976, we have acquired 48 platform companies and completed 174 complementary acquisitions.

Our team works closely with company management to identify and pursue acquisition opportunities that support the strategic growth objectives of the company.


Our finance team serves a crucial role to both acquisitions and operations. During the acquisition process, this team of seasoned financial executives is critical to understanding the subtle messages that financial metrics can deliver.

After the acquisition, our financial executives work closely with the management team to promote better visibility into the company’s operations and provide additional analytical resources to support decision making.