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There are many reasons why owners and management teams choose to work with us.

We Value Integrity and Honesty

Our reputation is critically important to us. Since our founding our core values have not changed. Integrity and honesty are critical to our success. It is difficult, if not impossible, to have built businesses over 40 years without them. These core values combined with our other capabilities are the foundation of our success.

We Are Experienced Operators

We understand the challenges a management team faces because we, as operators, have lived them. We have worked to improve every aspect of a company, including top line organic growth, acquisition growth, and operational excellence.

We Are Flexible

We believe the key to finding a solution is first fully understanding the problem. Our goal is to assess all aspects of the issue in order to develop the best solution.

We Are Quick

Our operational knowledge enables us to work diligently, while minimizing the disruption to a business.

We Are Team Oriented

Having one dedicated team of professionals assigned to support each business provides focus and continuity to our companies.

We Have an Enviable History of Success

We’ll put our track record of building great businesses against anyone’s.

We Are in It For the Long Haul

Our objective is to improve all aspects of the businesses with which we partner. Doing so requires effort, expertise, and tenacity – we’re committed for as long as it takes.

We Are There When the Going Gets Tough

We understand that all businesses have their own challenges, which are seldom solved overnight. We’ve been through good and bad situations. We are there with our companies through it all.

We Consider Everyone Involved to Be a Member of the Harbour Family...

…and everyone is treated accordingly. Our objective is to build goodwill and trust. It’s the only way relationships work.