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Complementary Acquisitions

Complementary Acquisitions

Harbour Group has completed 222 acquisitions, 174 of which have been complementary to a company we already owned. After entering a new industry, the team that was involved in the initial acquisition will remain dedicated to the company to support its ongoing growth initiatives.

The Acquisitions team acts as the corporate development arm of the operating company, aggressively scouting for complementary businesses. We work with the management team to explore pre-identified opportunities and to build or add to the pipeline of potential acquisition targets. Once the target is identified, the Acquisitions team works closely with the Operations, Finance and management teams to complete the diligence, close the transaction, and integrate the acquisition.

“It is good to have a force like Harbour Group who sees everything as an opportunity. They start with the assumption that it’s a good idea to do the acquisition while it’s easy as an operator to default to the opposite. If Harbour Group didn’t have that energy and attitude, it would be harder to go after the next acquisition.”

– Greg Gottlieb, President, Hardware Resources / Top Knobs

“Working with the Harbour Group acquisitions team has been a great experience. I have worked on several acquisitions and each project has been truly exceptional. Each time the process has been well organized, methodical, and logical. In all cases the level of professionalism has been exceptional and led to smooth and effective business integrations.”

– John Norris, President, ONICON Incorporated

“Harbour Group has been very instrumental in bringing add-on acquisitions home for us. They provide help in all aspects of acquiring a company - identifying and making contact with potential candidates, getting the information that’s required to analyze the fit, keeping in regular contact with the candidate, and ultimately bringing that acquisition to a conclusion.”

– Mike Wrenn, President, Lindstrom