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Organic Growth

Product development and entering new markets

The companies we acquire are often leaders in their niche. We work with them to identify and develop new products, channels, and markets that leverage their leadership position. We then support management with investment and resources to realize these growth opportunities.

Marketing and sales force development

Having worked with 229 companies, we have developed a number of methods to enhance our companies’ sales and marketing performance. We also invest in sales force expansion, brand management, training, and other tools to accelerate growth. These methods and investments, combined with the understanding of our customers’ needs, markets, channels, and competitive landscape enable our companies to considerably expand their market share.

“Harbour Group supported our ideas to expand sales and manufacturing in China. There was a lot of time and effort put into the initiative. In the end, the sales team grew significantly in size and skill and sales more than tripled.”

– Mike Goh, VP Sales Asia Pacific, Lincoln Industrial Corporation

“We had to launch a broad marketing campaign to support a product line expansion. We do not have that expertise in-house so Harbour has worked with us every step of the way. Together we have developed the strategy, message, tactics and campaign. They kept us on time and within budget.”

– Mike Wrenn, President, Lindstrom, LLC

“Harbour Group believed in the future growth of our business and their actions supported that. They invested in long term growth by almost tripling the number of salespeople in our business.”

– Frank Dwyer, CFO, Watchfire

Infrastructure investment

Scalability is crucial to achieving long-term success. Our objective is to ensure that our companies’ growth is never constrained by infrastructure. Whether investing in people, capital equipment, facilities, technology, or systems, we will make the investments necessary to support growth.

“During the evaluation and subsequent implementation phases of our new ERP system, Harbour Group was with us every step of the way. They lent valuable technical assistance, attended weekly update meetings, and helped to apply pressure when needed to get quicker and better results, or to negotiate better pricing.”

– Bob Edgcomb, Materials Manager, AMI Entertainment Network, LLC

“We were looking to Harbour for investment into brick and mortar in the Czech Republic and India but we knew it would take some time to generate returns. Harbour Group made those investments because they operate with a long term vision.”

– Dominic Deller, Managing Director, Lincoln Industrial Corporation

“One of the things that sets Harbour Group apart is its focus on investing for the future. During our first year of ownership we increased engineering from two to eight and moved to a facility three times the size of our original to accommodate growth. Finally we invested in an ERP system to drive productivity and process improvements. Any savings achieved were invested back into the business.”

– John Norris, President, ONICON Incorporated

“Harbour Group really took a long term view. Our management team saw a need for a facility upgrade and Harbour supported us with capital to upgrade and expand.”

– Frank Dwyer, CFO, Watchfire