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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Our process starts with rigorous strategic planning. We believe that a thoughtful, fully-vetted strategic plan provides clarity in resource allocation and decision making and enables us to move forward with common goals. The long-term vision for the business drives resource allocation and capital investment in Organic Growth Programs, Operational Excellence Initiatives, and Complementary Acquisitions.

“Harbour Group professionals really distinguish themselves as great strategic thinkers that work closely with their business leaders to develop, refine and execute strategic initiatives. They start by getting a detailed understanding of the business and the market so they can offer insight and guidance. What we developed along the way was always better thanks to their input and their rigorous analysis.”

– Steve Harriott, President, Watchfire

“Harbour Group really went in depth to understand our company. It was not a simple investment from the outside; it was full immersion in the business. That is something I consider invaluable – they really understood our business and where we were going.”

– Dr. Dominic Deller, Managing Director, Lincoln Industrial Corporation

“As a result of Harbour Group’s strategic planning process, we received support through investments in technology, sourcing and salespeople to turn around an underperforming product line. We were ultimately successful in creating a new growth platform for the business.”

– Jeff King, President, Auto Meter Products, Inc.